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 Sushi and Gelato

Sushi and Gelato was created to help you find the happiness that travel brings.  Whether you have been traveling for years, or have never taken a flight in your life; you’ve come to the right place.

This website is for people who dream about travel, and people who are planning their next adventure.

In the articles on this website we will share our experiences with you and will show you how to take take the next step in:

Finding happiness through destinations.

Josh and Amanda

In 2000, we took our first trip to Italy.  We have since re-lived that trip many times.  We talk about the food we ate, the sights we saw, the smell in the air and even the emotions we felt.  This trip changed everything.

After taking this trip we realized that we could travel more, and that we wanted to travel more…as many times as possible.

Once our daughter was born, we started traveling with her.  She took her first plane trip when she was 3 months old, as well as many road trips as an infant and older. Now after many trips with our daughter, whenever we are watching a travel show she asks “Can we go there?” The answer is always YES.

Our daughter is a great traveler and we have learned many tips and techniques along the way to make family travel fun for us all. We want to share these tips with you, so that you can see that Family Travel is possible.

There are many travel blogs out there where the writer has quit their job to travel the world.  Although we think this is awesome, this isn’t us.  We are just the average family who loves to travel.  Whatever your situation is, you can travel too.  We want to give you the Travel Tips to accomplish this.

Why call it Sushi and Gelato?

You’re probably thinking “What a strange name for a travel website?” Yes, but it caught your attention, didn’t it?  When we chose this name we wanted it to be memorable and represent our ideas for travel.  The name represents a range of different places, travel and food from around the globe.

We are not experts on sushi or gelato, but we love them both and we’ve even had the chance to try sushi in Japan and gelato in Italy.  Food has become a big part of our travel experiences.  We don’t necessarily travel to eat, although we would go to great lengths to eat again the best mozzarella in Italy.

Sometimes, the idea for a trip comes from food.  It was when we were sitting in our favorite Thai restaurant looking at a mural of the Grand Palace that we decided to take a trip to Thailand.  Another example of food dictating our travels is on a trip to Bologna, Italy.  We found cheap flights to Italy which included a return flight from Bologna.  Had it not been for food, we might not have wanted to spend much time in this city.  But, because Bologna was in the heart of Emilia Romagna (the food capitol of Italy), we spent more time here and took a food tour of the region.

Thanks for Visiting

We hope you enjoy our articles and that you find inspiration to travel the world (or just to your neighboring city).

If you have any questions or need help planning your trip, contact us.